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See The Big Fraud

This is so logical it will make your eyes water.

  1. Divide 12 games between conference opponents and non-conference opponents.

  2. The conference teams will be aligned from best to worst according to last season's ratings.

  3. The top team in the conference will choose an opponent and date, then the second, and so on to the bottom. Three rounds of this will provide the six conference games.

  4. Then all the teams will be aligned by the previous season's ratings from best to worst. As in the conferences, each team will choose a non-conference opponent and date. After three rounds the other six games will be chosen.

  5. The teams will earn or lose points according to the rules on the YourLinx NFL Ratings page and will be aligned at the start of the season with ratings as described.

  6. Then they slug it out. More excitement, no reason remaining to complain. If your team doesn't make it, you shouldn't have lost or you should have chosen better opponents. Teams like Boise State will work their way to the top as their team gets better and never have to beg for a quality opponent.

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The Big Fraud

In the beginning there were a bunch of teams. Then someone thought it would be a good idea for the teams that played each other a lot would be in a conference. Every team in the conference would play every other team in their conference and whichever team won would be the best team in the conference. Then someone thought it would be a good idea for the king of the conference to play the king of that other conference to see which conference was the best. Then someone thought it would be a good idea for conferences to be too big for all its teams to play each other. What an idiot. Now we have teams in the same conference that haven't played each other in years. We don't have teams winning a conference by beating all the other teams anymore. We have teams winning a conference because they beat this team that beat that team and there's nothing but a technicality. Why do conferences do this? They do it to get their teams into bowls by setting up teams that are likely to be bowl eligible to avoid playing each other to get more bowl games by keeping their rating artificially high. Is that fair to teams in conferences that all play each other and have one best team that might not even get a shot at a good bowl? Of course not but that's what the NCAA thinks is fair.

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