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DAVID WILSON'S American College Football Rankings

Updated 26 January 2020

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Before the colon, the systems are labeled with the type of mathematics used ( Adv=advanced, Seq=sequential, Frm=formula, Met=meta--based on other rating systems), the information considered (Win= win/loss only, Scr=plus score--such as margin of victory, Hom=plus home field advantage, Oth=plus other--such as yardage ), intention (Pre=predictive, Ret=retrodictive, Mix=mixture), and divisions of teams ranked. Hom implies Scr. If Hom is used but not Scr, it gets Win+Hom


I-A,I-AA,II,III,NAIA will be a single link to combined rankings or rankings on a single page.

I-A+I-AA+II+III+NAIA will have a link to the ranking of each division.

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